The Coaching Real Leaders Community
The Coaching Real Leaders Community
Muriel Wilkins

Welcome to the Coaching Real Leaders Community!

Where listeners of the HBR podcast, Coaching Real Leaders, can take a deeper dive together!

What is the Coaching Real Leaders Community? 

Hi! I'm Muriel Wilkins, the host of the Harvard Business Review Presents podcast, Coaching Real Leaders - the show where I coach real people on real professional challenges. I'm delighted to welcome you to the official community of Coaching Real Leaders!  After nearly twenty years as an executive coach, I launched the CRL podcast in an effort to make coaching more accessible and to make leadership feel not so lonely. Every week, I get messages from listeners asking me about an episode, how to deal with career issues or about coaching. Rather than keep all those questions (and answers) to myself, I figured I’d do it again and pull back the curtain – this time to the show! So this community is my personal invitation to join me as I dive deeper on each Coaching Real Leaders episode and keep the conversation going. Whether you’re a manager, executive or a coach, this place is for you!

What do you get as a Coaching Real Leaders Community Member?  

There are tons of coaching and leadership communities out there. That’s not what this is. We are here to dive deeper beyond each Coaching Real Leaders episode – that means we will unpack leadership challenges and how to coach yourself or others through them. So here’s what you can expect as a member:

  • Coaching Real Leaders: The Live Debrief: Have you ever listened to a CRL episode and asked yourself when it was over: I wonder why Muriel approached it this way? What does Muriel really mean in the framework she offered the guest client? And more? Well, “The Live Debrief” is where all those questions get answered. Each month, I will host an exclusive members-only live debrief of a selected CRL episode. We’ll dissect the episode together like a case study discussion and explore the leadership issue at hand, as well as, the coaching approach. This is your chance to be in dialogue with me and the rest of the community to learn and grow. And if you miss the live, don’t worry – it will be recorded and you can access it anytime as long as you’re a member.
  • Ask Muriel Anything: Live Q&A: I often get asked questions about different leadership challenges and on coaching. Each month, I will host a live Q&A where you can ask me anything (within reason of course!) and I’ll coach you through it or give you an answer. Do you have a professional challenge you’re dealing with? Do you have questions about coaching? If it has to do with leadership, professional challenges and coaching, I’m right there with you and can’t wait to talk!
  • Coaching Real Leaders: The Transcript Download: If you’re like me, you like to read along with listening… kind of like reading the book while listening to the audio version. Or perhaps you want to remember what was said during an episode but you didn’t jot it down. No worries – that’s what transcripts are for. As a member, you will get downloadable transcripts of each episode  to print out, read, take notes, and doodle on to your heart’s desire!
  • Coaching Real Leaders: The Toolkit: Are you looking for additional resources related to each episode? Look no further! For each CRL episode discussed in the Monthly Live Debrief, Muriel will curate and share her own personal list of favorite articles, books, videos, podcasts and other resources related to the topic. And you can share your favorites as well!
  • Coaching Real Leaders: The Collective: Here’s the even more exciting part – as this community grows, you will connect with other vibrant, bright individuals who are as committed to their growth as you are. Whether you’re a coach, a manager or an executive, this will be your place to leverage the collective mind and experience that we all bring to the community.
  • Optional Add-On: The Executive Coach's Business Development Masterclass: For executive coaches who are looking to take their business to the next level, you can add on Muriel's Business Development Masterclass -- a self-paced online course filled with the strategies, tools and templates she uses and that will help you fulfill your business goals. 

Ready to dive in?

Join me as a member of The Coaching Real Leaders Community to meet amazing leaders and coaches just like you who love the Coaching Real Leaders podcast and want to keep the conversation going.